We specialize in processing beef, pork, lamb, and wild game. To ensure superior quality, I personally work with reputable local farmers and inspect their facilities. Our relationship with local farmers allows us to provide the highest quality of domestic animals to meet customer needs. Our services ensure that customers know the entire process beginning where their choice of meat comes from, how it was raised, butchered, and the condition in which it is prepared. Our controlled process accompanied with best-in-industry practices guarantees a superior product.

We accept requests for certified organic, free-range, grass-fed, and highly managed grain feed lots. We also provide services for poultry, duck, deer, bear, moose, caribou, waterfowl, and may accommodate any special requests.


We offer a variety of options including but not limited to:


– Italian, andouille, chorizo, maple, breakfast, and many more

Old fashioned smoke house
– duck, geese, turkey, venison, ham and bacon, and a variety of smoked sausages.

Vacuum seal packaging

Emergency butchering

For a list of details cuts we offer, please see our specific cutting forms.